Interdependent Media, not Independent Media Centre

15 May


The readings on the IMC (Independent Media Centre) remind me of my first time that there is a hierarchy in the media world. It was when I watch the news reports on the preparation for the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing. The reporter was proudly showing around the new Media Centre designed and constructed for the Olympics. She proudly announced that one of the rooms will be the reporting centre for CCTV (China Central Television), and she declared that this room is much bigger than the reporting centre of the other countries with more seats and more equipment. I was wondering why? Is that a routine for the Olympic Games that there will be a larger media centre for the host country? Thanks to the reading, I have a better understanding on the question.

I think it is a little bit ironic to call them “Independent Media Centres” because it is actually “interdependent” other than “independent”, and there is no “centre” at all. In plain English, it is a platform built on social media where everyone can participate in share, edit media products to convey information for the increasing social movements that pursue “new democracy”. Because everyone is a publisher, an editor, a producer, so there is no leader, so there is no centre. Though the name “independent ” indicates this media is not controlled either by the government or by the broadcasting authorities, it is actually a media requires all the participants independent on each other, at the same time, it is a media form that includes every media form, including the traditional media forms, such as printing, radio, and even words on the wall (semiotic communication tradition).


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