09 May

Today’s topic is Networks of Power. There are a bunch of questions after I read the articles: Do we need power in cyberspace? If we do, what kind of power it is? Will it be something we familiar or something new? Will the power powerful?

In our daily life, power is everywhere but difficult to be sensed. It is difficult to be sensed because, partially, we get used to it.  If we borrow the idea that “the cyberspace is a mirror of the real world”, we can draw a natural conclusion that the power will be in the cyber space. I bet that many of the “netizen” familiar with what this power are influencing their digital life in some way or to some extent. We may fight with them fiercely when we do not pay enough attention to the new power networks in the cyberspace.

Not too long time ago, Wikipedia shows its “power” to the world. Of course, someone may justify it that the shut-down activity is for protesting the “power” in the real world. However, the power of the intelligence and knowledge should not be neglected only because they may use this power in a positive way or on a positive trend. There is an irony in this event that not all of the Wikipedians agree to block the website to protest pending anti-piracy bills. Actually, there is a voting process before the decision was made. The fact in this event is that most members’ voice makes the final decision. Does it sound familiar?

Will the power powerful in cyberspace? Let us wait and see.

Will the Power Powerful in Cyberspace?


One response to “Will the Power Powerful in Cyberspace?

  1. sea blue zed

    May 10, 2012 at 8:40 pm

    Good points. Another question is which influentials will have the power, and for how long.


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